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Aceik - 2021 The Circle Back Initiative Employer

Circleback initiative

At Aceik, we believe candidate experience is all about being courteous and respectful, and we understand the time and effort that goes into every job application and recruitment process. We are pleased to announce that we are now a 2021 Circle Back Initiative Employer – we commit to respond to every applicant.

The Circle Back Initiative has been created by Talentrich to improve the experience candidates receive after submitting a job application. The initiative is a collection of Employers who commit to guiding standards on candidate communication. Initiative champions agree to respond to every applicant.

What does the candidate experience look like?

Once submitting your resume or responding to a job ad, any job candidate of Aceik can expect:

  • Aceik responds to each job candidate's application with an 'application received'.
  • Each application will be reviewed by Aceik and a shortlist of suitable candidates will be compiled and discussed internally.
  • If selection criteria is met, a candidate will receive a phone call to run through their application and experience in a little more detail.
  • Candidates not suitable for the role are advised as early in the process as possible.
  • Aceik aims to shortlist a role within 2 week of posting a vacancy.
  • A selected number of candidates are chosen to be invited to interview.
  • Interviews are conducted via video chat (presently).
  • If a suitable candidate is not identified during the interview stage, the shortlist may be revisited. Due to this, candidates on the shortlist may not be notified if they did not make the first round of interviews.
  • If necessary, second round of interviews take place.
  • Any testing or assessment takes place with preferred candidate/s.
  • Once a suitable candidate has been identified, reference checks are conducted and for some roles, Aceik also requires a police check.
  • Once the above assessments come back as successful, Aceik offers the preferred candidate the position.
  • Aceik responds to all candidates that have applied for the position, and provides feedback where possible.

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