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People of Aceik: Lila Tournier, Delivery and Operations Manager

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Continuing on with our People of Aceik series, where we introduce you to our talented team mates, this month, we sat down with our Delivery and Operations Manager, Lila Tournier (note - it’s pronounced Lee-la, like from Futurama).

Lila, tell us a bit about yourself

Lila: In terms of my career background, I started in advertising agencies, working through the line - so anything from TV, press and radio ads, brochures, point of sales, emails, online advertising... anything!

I then moved internally to a digital focus role as it felt that this was the future and I loved the fact that there is always something to learn.
From big ad land agencies in Sydney, I moved to Melbourne to digital agencies, from small to large consulting ones, and I’m now here at Aceik.

Tell us about why you decided to join Aceik

Lila: It happened rather randomly actually. Tim O’Neill, the former CEO of Reactive and current friend of Aceik put me onto the job. In the same week that Tim got in touch, I heard from 2 ex-colleagues that they were joining Aceik and I thought hang on, there is something to explore here.
I wasn’t looking for a role, but Aceik seemed so attractive in terms of where it was at: a small agency with a blank canvas to work with and the opportunity to help shape and grow the business. Being part of that growth journey was something that was so exciting, so it was a quick and easy decision.

What are you working on at the moment?

Lila: I’m lucky to work on a mixture of projects – there are just too many to explain! But it keeps the days diverse.

Tell us about yourself outside of Aceik hours

Lila: Outside of work, I’m also a farmer :) I know that sounds weird but we have a small farm, mainly managing sheep but do also have a few rescues, so a bit like Noah’s Ark.

This makes things very interesting and very busy when also coupled with our two young children!

If someone wants to follow a career in your steps, what would you recommend?

Lila: Try anything and learn as much as you can early on.

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