INSIGHT 13th January 2023 4 min read

Time is running out for your web analytics upgrade!

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Did you know that the current version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics/GA3) will go away from 1 July 2023? You can read more about it from Google.


This means you need to migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) before July 2023, at the latest. The sooner the better. Many of our clients have already completed their migration to GA4. They have seen this necessary migration task as an opportunity to level up their digital analytics game. They are running GA3 in parallel with GA4 whilst taking advantage of the new GA4 features, which may also be relevant to you. They will also be able to conduct historical data comparisons using GA4 data after July 2023.

Aceik offers a service to migrate and upgrade your existing Google Analytics users to GA4. But more than this - we will deliver you a best-in-class digital analytics measurement and reporting capability. This work will enable you to capture business-critical digital metrics, expand your reporting capability, re-engage your business stakeholders around the digital insights you can provide, and improve your digital governance and management framework. 

This activity typically includes

Discovery and audit

  • This includes a review and familiarisation of all digital properties included in the scope for the upgrade. We will check existing tag management, analytics accounts, custom event tracking, digital reporting requirements and user access
  • This activity combines a client discovery session with an in-depth desktop audit
  • Requirements: Access to digital analytics tools and services
  • Deliverable: Audit artefact that acts as the confirmed scope of work for the analytics upgrade
  • Additional value: We will provide a number of recommendations for further analytics improvements

Digital measurement and reporting strategy

  • Identification of digital KPIs that support strategic business and marketing goals. By doing this, we ensure that digital KPIs can be used to inform how the business tracks success. We also need to identify any relevant marketing/sales funnels that can be tracked from a digital point of view. This is all used to inform the creation of digital reporting dashboards.
  • Deliverable: Implementation report that includes a documented framework
  • Additional value: We will provide high-level recommendations on setting digital benchmarks, targets and ongoing measurement.

Analytics upgrade (GA4)

  • Create and configure the required Google Analytics 4 properties. This includes property settings, data filters, integration with other Google products e.g. Google Search Console, and configuration of events and conversions
  • Deliverable: Google Analytics 4 property with details in the implementation report
  • Additional value: We can configure any existing key Audience segments for use in digital analytics reporting and for sharing with paid Google advertising services.

Digital tag management upgrade (Google Tag Manager)

  • Review and update the Google Tag Manager container with required GA4 tracking, including triggers, variables and custom tags where required
  • Deliverable: Updated GTM container with GA4 tracking and all details included in the implementation report
  • Additional value: Recommendations on best practice tag management and governance

Digital insights reporting (Google Looker Studio)

  • Creation of self-service digital KPI dashboards that include date-based comparisons and data segmentation using Google Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio)
  • Deliverable: self-service digital dashboards with details in the implementation report

Additional services available

We can provide regular review meetings to derive insights and recommendations from web analytics data. We also recommend periodic reviews of your digital KPIs to ensure they still align with and inform overall business and marketing performance.

Additionally, we can help you integrate other sources of web data into your digital analytics reporting, such as Google search data, Google MyBusiness, Youtube, and other analytics & web management tools.

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