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Are you ready to Optimise Sitecore to maximise digital marketing ROI?


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Key points:

  • When Sitecore Experience Cloud is implemented, marketers will want to maximise the digital marketing features built into the platform ASAP
  • Sometimes it is not that simple - Sitecore needs to be configured correctly
  • If not, certain digital marketing features won’t work
  • Complete the Optimisation Readiness checklist
  • We can help with completing the checklist, and any subsequent development work that may be required

When an organisation invests in Sitecore Experience Cloud to underpin its digital strategy, the marketing team will almost certainly want to make use of the built-in marketing tools that come with Sitecore.

Features such as personalisation, A/B testing, campaign tracking, analytics, marketing automation… the list goes on.

However sometimes it is not as simple as logging in, creating a campaign and going live. Sitecore needs to be configured correctly in order to make use of these features.

In order to assess whether your Sitecore installation is ready to use digital marketing features, it is critical to undertake an Optimisation Readiness check.

Sitecore now offer a comprehensive checklist of all of the configuration options that must be enabled in order to achieve powerful digital marketing results. These include a readiness checklist, as well as a series of videos on how to check many of these yourself if you’re familiar with the Sitecore Launchpad.

The checklist itself can be quite daunting, as there are a number of technical questions which need to be answered. Aceik are able to work with you to go through the checklist and review the configuration.

Upon completion of the readiness checklist, some of the items may require development work to fix. As Sitecore Platinum Partners, this is where our development team can help to ensure your website is optimised and ready to make use of these powerful tools.

For more information about Aceik’s Sitecore Optimisation Packages, please contact us!

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