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No dead ends – what to include on your Sitecore form “Thank you” page

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Key Points:

  • It is rare for a Sitecore website not to have some kind of form
  • Something that is often overlooked – the “Thank You” / on submit page
  • This page is a great opportunity to add goals, links to next best actions and can be personalised
  • You can also use A/B testing to see which get best results
  • By optimising this page you give yourself the best chance to keep the visitor engaged and on your website

In around a decade of working on websites, in particular Sitecore sites, I would estimate that 99% of those websites contain at least one form for a visitor to complete.

One thing often overlooked is what happens once the form is submitted? Usually data from the form is saved and/or emailed, and the user is taken to a “Thank You” page, or a pop-up overlay may appear as a result.

In the majority of cases the content that appears on this page isn’t well thought through. How many times have you seen a message that simply says “Thanks, we’ll get back to you.” And that’s it – where does the website visitor go now?

This is a significantly lost opportunity – and potentially a costly one. The thank you/on submit page is an opportunity to keep your visitor’s attention and direct them to the next best action you want them to take.

At a minimum a Sitecore goal should be triggered that allocates Engagement Value Scale points to the activity.

Links to further relevant content should also be included. Depending on the digital maturity of the organisation these should also be personalised as much as possible. Think of the leading ecommerce retailers – they will show you a range of products recommended based on your purchase history.

It is also an opportunity to use A/B and multivariate testing to see which messages and calls to action generate the best results. These in turn can generate higher engagement levels and drive business outcomes.

In summary – the longer you can keep a visitor on your site, the greater return you will get on your Sitecore investment. The humble form “Thank You” page is an opportunity that should not be overlooked.

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