ANNOUNCEMENT 24th January 2024 1 minute

Aceik and QBE foster Digital Evolution through Analytics Collaboration

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Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Aceik recently concluded a successful partnership with QBE Insurance, assisting them in developing a robust digital analytics strategy to drive optimization initiatives. This initiative aimed to lay the groundwork for QBE's optimization playbook, serving as the central repository for its digital roadmap, tactics, and results.

The project spanned both QBE's direct-to-consumer and broker/partner sites. Commencing with an Analytics Discovery and Audit, the process laid the foundation for a strategic framework. A collaborative Analytics workshop facilitated the development of engagement value scales, audience and segment prioritization, and identification of key optimization tactics.

In addition to strategy formulation, the engagement included an essential element of education and training, enhancing digital awareness and maturity levels. The success of this effort stems from the cooperative collaboration between QBE stakeholders and Aceik as a digital partner.

The outcomes of this collaboration are poised to propel QBE's digital evolution, providing a sturdy foundation for ongoing optimization initiatives. As QBE embraces a more data-driven approach, Aceik remains committed to guiding organizations towards digital excellence through collaborative and insightful strategies.

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