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Sitecore XM Cloud Forms: Unlock Seamless User Experiences

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Let’s talk about web forms.

Web forms play a pivotal role in online interactions, facilitating various processes such as making requests, submitting feedback, or completing purchases. They serve as a crucial touchpoint in the user journey, often tied to key website objectives. For website owners, forms are not just about collecting user data; they represent the initial step in nurturing customer relationships. Acquiring accurate, timely, and actionable customer data is critical for informing continuous improvement and website optimization efforts. For website visitors, a seamless and intuitive form experience is imperative, often shaping their overall perception of the brand.

Forms are a key part of your modern digital experience. Often your CMS comes with Forms capability built in, but increasingly, a popular approach for businesses building modern composable marketing technology stacks is to take advantage of SaaS Form solutions that can be integrated with your DXP, enabling a greater range of features, capability, and extensibility beyond basic CMS-based solutions.

Enter Sitecore Forms.

Sitecore Forms, an application within Sitecore's XM Cloud, offers you a user-friendly form-building solution that seamlessly integrates with your digital experience platform (DXP). Included with your XM Cloud subscription, Sitecore Forms empowers marketers with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for coding expertise. Marketers can effortlessly create visually appealing forms and add them to web pages as components, enhancing the overall user experience.

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A standout feature of Sitecore Forms is its data handling capabilities. Unlike traditional form solutions that store data within the application, Sitecore Forms allows for easy data transfer to external applications via webhooks. This ensures seamless integration with your customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation (MA), or customer data platform (CDP) systems, facilitating efficient storage and actioning of form submission data.

The process of creating and deploying forms with Sitecore XM Cloud Forms is straightforward. The template library in Sitecore XM Cloud Forms streamlines form creation by offering pre-designed templates, allowing you to quickly set up a base form for your website and easily reuse it across various pages.

  1. You create, design, preview, and test your form using the interface.
  2. Then, you connect your form to an external application via webhooks.
  3. Once activated and published, forms can be added to your pages as components.

However, while Sitecore XM Cloud Forms offers numerous benefits, there are some areas for improvement. Forms currently lack features such as file upload capabilities and CSS-based style controls, as well as the ability to edit activated forms.

In summary, Sitecore XM Cloud Forms offers marketers, developers, and business owners an easy and powerful tool for implementing this key component of the digital experience.

With its intuitive interface, capable features, and simple data handling capabilities, Sitecore Forms looks like a great solution to consider.

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