Re-imagining a survey as a microsite to help Ausgrid understand their customers

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The challenge

Ausgrid wanted to gather opinions from their customers on some of the challenges they face as a business today. The results gathered are used to justify where their investment effort should be directed, and how much customers are willing to increase their bill to compensate. The survey is also an opportunity to educate customers on the decisions Ausgrid face and their focus on minimising impacts on these decisions on customers.

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The approach

Design & UX:

  • Understanding the message that we wanted to bring to customers
  • Multiple design concepts produced
  • Interactive prototype with micro-interactions and animations


  • Implementing data capturing method
  • Integration as a microsite under the Ausgrid domain
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An initial content and survey matrix were provided by Ausgrid. Using this content as a framework, we produced a set of initial concepts and began refining general look and feel of the microsite. Working closely with the stakeholders we continuously iterated on the content and design in tandem to bring the microsite to a place where we could be confident it would meet Ausgrid’s needs.

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We crafted an inviting and positive visual language to attract users and maintain their engagement, using Ausgrid's existing branding as a base. Then we verified our design and UX thinking with a fully interactive and animated prototype.

On the technical side, the project is primarily a pure React front end build, with Sitecore CDP being implemented to track and collate results that are fed back to Ausgrid.

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We delivered an attractive microsite that re-imagines the average survey into a lively game-like experience. The format allows Ausgrid to deliver any information that’s relevant to the data they want to capture, while keeping users engaged by avoiding bland paragraphs on a typical survey.

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Thank you
Thank you to the Ausgrid project team for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you in bringing this interactive survey microsite to life!

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