Creating a digital privacy brand that people can trust

To prepare Haventec for massive growth, we refreshed this digital privacy company with a new brand, rolling it out across their new website on Umbraco Cloud.

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Brand refresh
Before addressing Haventec’s website, we identified that we first needed to re-invent their brand from the ground up. Given their rapid growth, Haventec had outgrown the start-up brand language that had taken them to this point.

Through a series of workshops and engagements, with the full executive team, we took Haventec on the journey of creating a new brand that spoke directly to their target audience - bringing to life a new human-centered message.

Fitted Workshop

By combining crafted typography with natural colours and imagery, we also worked with the team to develop a new tone of voice for the brand that put the way we speak to each other ahead of the previous reliance on jargon and verbose technical information.

The end result, is that, we have helped to craft a brand that showcases the human side of an otherwise deeply technical product.

Full Branding
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Fitted Ads
Fitted Posters

Website redesign
Continuing from our brand refresh, we worked closely with the Haventec team to design a website that could support their planned marketing activities. The key objectives of the site were to communicate the benefits of Haventec’s product offering to identified key audiences, and to drive leads to book a demo with the Haventec sales team.

Banner Hero
Fitted Screen

We now have a new brand and website that reflect our purpose and aligns with our mission to make digital life simpler and safer. Equally important is that Aceik provided the assets, guidelines and training that enabled us to confidently activate the brand within a short timeframe and across various channels.

Stephen McNulty
Chief Growth Officer @ Haventec

Full 4Phone
Fitted 2Screen
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Delivered on Umbraco Cloud
We chose Umbraco Cloud for this project given Haventec’s requirements to get a simple marketing website live within a tight deadline. Umbraco Cloud also offered streamlined support and maintenance, automatic updates and security patches, a simple to use interface for content management, and will enable Haventec to take a composable approach to their platform as their sales and marketing needs grow in the future.

Thank you
From the project team at Aceik thanks to Dave, Stephen, Mikhael, Edora, Robert and Marek for their contributions and insights during the project.


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